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Sunday, 15 June 2008


This weekends climbing was a bit better on the physche and strength front. Saturday went to Angel Bay for a bit with Danny, Mule and Matt. We started off on the left wall where we tried Papa Big Lunch 7c. Mule and Dan did it with what i think was an incorrect sequence - was actually harder though this way. I did ok almost did the crux, always was unsure of this line but its actually quite good, very burl! Did some 7as that i did years ago the Limpet and Jonesy Locker. It gets flack but its actually an alright crag in good nick. Went to the Orme next where i did a bit in the Cave, usual shite. Saw Panton, Liam Desroy, Bonjoy and Andy Banks - sheffield raiders. Andy did well doing Louey and Trigger in same sesh a la Nige.
Sunday went back to Orme with Matt, had a nice seshs on the box, reckon i can nail my little project link there soon, will be very nice. Back to Lancaster now, happy climbing you lucky bastards who don't have jobs!

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