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Sunday, 1 June 2008

Your Sunday Sermon: Rock Climbing- A Way of Life

Rock climbing is a special sport. It can become so all-consumming it can penetrate every part of your life. I have not come across any other sport which infiltrates an individuals existence in this way. For those addicted to rock climbing it is not just a sport or a hobby it is indeed a way of life. The whole culture of climbing and the small but closeknit global community of climbers makes this sport unique. In the book The Power of Climbing the legend Ben Moon explains how climbing has become an obsession and dominates all aspects of his life. It is a never ending spiral - the prospect of going one better and improving is a great motivational factor. There aren't many other sports in which individuals would sacrifice their quality of living by going on the dole just to excel and improve. In the 80's and 90's this was commonplace in climbing. Climbing is so diverse and this widens its appeal. Whether your bouldering at some shithole or climbing trad by the sea or clipping bolts up 30meters of spanish cliff we are all driven by a love of moving over rock. Climbing takes you to beautiful places all over the world that you would never visit as a non climber. From the texan desert to the Himalayas, to the remote countryside of Spain or France climbing gives you the opportunity to see these places and experience the real cultures of these areas. So get out there and find out what you enjoy about climbing, if your not addicted yet i'm sure its just around the corner!

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lore said...

so true reverend, so true.