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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Your Sunday Sermon: Doing Time

I have been working inside the prison walls for six weeks now. Although i have desensitized to the prison environment it is still a harsh place where many men are incarcerated for breaking the laws of the land. One may think that prison is a place where the scurge of society end up but in reality all of us are not to far away from one of these institutions. How many of us have sent a text message whilst driving a motor vehicle! Run someone over doing this and there is only one place your heading! The courts aren't interested in what a nice person you are for crimes of this nature. Another scenario: your mate is getting a drunken beating on a night out, you go over to help,clobber the attacker in his temple, he goes down like a sack of spuds and your sent down for manslaughter/murder. What i'm trying to get across is that many a spontaneous act could end you up in the nick where you will be tortured by the sound of Sinead O Connor and beef stew (its true!). So concentrate and keep yourself out of trouble my children or you could find yourself behind bars.

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