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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Your Sunday Sermon: The Reverend Moon

This week's Sermon comes from a very special guest: Reverend Benedict Moon. In a quote from the great works: The Power of Climbing, Reverend Moon makes clear why rock climbing is a very important pursuit for him:

"It is my reason for living. It is from climbing i draw my inspiration for life; it is my direction, ever onwards; the movement; the striving to always go one better than before; the challenge both physical and mental; searching for that little bit more power, stamina and mental control; the bringing together of all three for that supreme effort."

These words should be an inspiration to us all, the Reverend Moon's passion for the sport he's loves is clear. Although not everybody's sole direction is rock climbing it is important to feel passionately about something in life. Reverend Moon has proved that age is no barrier by making his hardest ascent at the age of 40- a superb effort.

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