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Sunday, 14 March 2010

RARE Beast Sighting

Made a rare sighting of beast Neil Dyer yesterday at the Cave. When i spotted him i knew it was the start of his beasting season. He's hardly climbed for four months but still did TC 2nd go easily. What a guy! I felt good making progress on my project. I think with working away, my chances of getting much fitness for Spain are looking a bit bleak. I'm sure however i can increase my strength. I can feel the gains from the deadhanging already, so good for you! Was pretty poor at the Mill today though i have set a cool hard sustained circuit, would be nice to link it before i go.
Finally what about Ondra, 9b in the house. Is it wrong to love a young boy? I think not.


leeproctor said...

Agree Ondra is something special a sort of Usain Bolt of the climbing world. Been bruising my tips on El Rincon at Los Dinbenos and getting within spittin' distance of success! I maybe in Spain the same time as you(1 to 11 April). We're staying in Cornudella with plans to hit Margalef, Raco De Missa and Siurana. Hopefully see you there. Lee

Doylo said...

Going out on the 8th so may see you there Lee, good luck on El Rincon.