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Friday, 5 March 2010

Time to Get Serious

Next month i'm having my first holiday in a year, i'm off to Spain, Margalef to be precise for two weeks. After freezing my tits off in the Cave all winter trying to stay psyched i can't tell you how nice it'll be to be warm and cranking at new crags. Initially i thought the trip would just be a good way to start the season, kick start the route fitness, get used to be back on the rope etc... I thought to myself, go with no expectations and come back a bit fitter. Today however i was thinking about Jerry and it dawned on me he would never go on a trip with that attitude. I've got 5 weeks, even with work that is long enough to get into some kind of decent shape. Its great having something to train for, it really focuses the mind! Anyway it would be nice to climb well early in the route year so i think i'll put some bloody effort in and see if i can't get myself some nice ticks aswell as some fitness. I had one day at Margalef last year, i liked the style and its not all super long so that should help my cause. Have only been to the Laboratorie sector so there is much to see. Will defo have another play on Darwin Dixit though i suspect it will be a bit much for so early in the season. Also looking forward to being warm, i will try my uptmost not to complain about sweating my tits off its a tad on the warm side. EXCITED! Here is some Margalef footage courtesy of all round waddage Dave Mccleod and world rock jock Sharma:


Fiend said...

Go forth and crush.

Doylo said...

i just want to see sharmas willy really

Paul Bennett said...

I doubt he'll be hard to find, we could hear the cries from 1st round 1st minute from right down the valley.
You have my rec's for the place. Finnestra is the jewel of the area by a long way. Its a good place to onsight well as its just pocket after pocket.
Make sure you do the routes at Tenebres, fit or not, they really are worth a crack.
You can eat in two places in town, one on the way up to Finnestra and one in town. They're both cheap (15e for 4-5 courses including wine), go for the one in town. I vomitted red for a day after eating at the first.

Doylo said...

nice one

Jasper said...

Is it just me or does Darwin Dixit look like Le Minimum but without the hard move?

Doylo said...

Darwin is much steeper than the majority of Le Minimum but yes i bet the moves are fuck loads easier, spose one gets 8c and one 8b+ though