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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Standby at Llanddulas

I have been waiting to ab down LPT but it hasn't been dry for long enough. Went to Llanddulas Cave today with Tony. Gruff and Jimmy Big Guns turned up later. I tried my roof a bit but it was quite wet, still felt hard too. Tony tried El Tigre and Jim got on The Wirral Whip, i left before his last redpoint so don't know whether he got it done or not. I went back to the Orme optimistically, it was honking it down though. Plan B was to go in the Cave and it had dried out nicely. Felt good warming up and then got to the redpoint crux on my project every go feeling the best ever on it, a good feeling. Pete was gettin sacked on his beast of a project. Owen from scouseland did The Highlife commenting that the first ascentionist must have been a visionary. Good effort to him. I did Trigger just after my warm up and did it at the end when i was boxed which was confidence boosting.
The Wirral Whip


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