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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Steve McCave

Mcclure was in the Cave yesterday, whenever i see Steve in there something shocking happens. The way he did Trigger Cut the first time dismayed he and everyone else greatly. Last time it took him ten goes to do Clever beaver, by the end of the sesh he'd done Pilgrim. I always get the impression that Steve treats bouldering as a bit of fun training. Every time he comes to the cave i have to remind him of what he's done in there. Yesterday i told him the beta on Trigger Cut again, this time he did it the standard way, then he worked the moves on Halfway. Then he walked down to the start of Rockatrocity and climbed out continuing into Trigger Cut, he fell on TC but jeez it really was inspiring watching a world class climber at work. He actually matched on the last pocket of Rockatrocity, then watching him on the Halfway pocket you would have thought that it was a jug, adjusting on it and just hanging there with one arm. When i left i told him to make sure he told someone if he finished it because it hadn't been climbed before.

I left feeling like an out of shape Rik Waller:

I had a rubbish sesh in the Mill, really have lost a lot of strength then went home to resurrect the old deadhang regime. It felt good to have the old ache back in the fingers!

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