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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Legend

The heatwave is over and indifferent British summer weather seems to be here! I've had a indifferent time of things in the last few weeks. Until the other day i hadn't been on Walking Mussel for 17 days, not the way to keep momentum going. I was surprised how good i felt on it considering. Me and Tommy did a couple of forgotten routes on the upper drive by Cold War. Both routes were climbed in 99. Utter from The Gutter 7c was put up by Kristian Klemmow and Tony Shelmerdine did Ivor Bigum 7b+ to the left. They're both worthwhile, i managed to flash Utter and would say probably 7b+ for the tall but a nice route. There are half a dozen routes beyond Black Wall that are unbanned and have been re-equipped by Tony. They seem decent and go up to about 7a. I've just glued the hold on Pill Box back on. It was actually quite a tricky operation. There were 3 parts that had to be glued on seperately and i kept forgetting how they fitted in. Luckily the resin was a similar colour to the rock and so it seems to be blended in ok. I got the hold configuration sorted eventually and am quite pleased with the finish. Hopefully this will now be a long term solution to an ever threatening problem. I met this guy for the first time in 3 years: The legend Huffy, who left his mark in Wales and beyond. He doesn't really climb much now but still got to the shothole on Trigger Cut. He fell off here on Directors back in the day. Once a monster always a monster! The Huff:

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