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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Pill Box Graded List

I haven't really climbed much on the box since 2009 but Nodder's recent interest has resulted in me having a few sessions there and i've been reminded about how cool it is. I used to go there so much and its been great doing some of the classics again. Some of the grades have shifted a bit as things have got repeated so i thought i'd blog about these changes and hopefully some more folk will get keen. Its such a good angle and the rock and the link up possibilities make it great training and a great place to get some ticks. More people climb Jack Daniels Connection these days and it appears the logical way to do it isn't my original 7b+ sequence. So this gets 7b now. There is also a easier way of climbing Ain't No Party when coming from the right so this affects the grades of Drink Driving/Ain't no Party (7b now) and Jack Daniels/Ain't no Party (7b+ now). Tommy repeated Millenium Party and thought 7c+ was fair. As Millenium Drive is a hard 7c in itself and this finish is slightly harder i'm inclined to agree. Pete Robins has done an eliminate between Chocolate Wall wwhich he has named Screwball. I had a quick go today but the high crimp was horrible on my index finger so i left it. No split tips please! I regret the Cypriot problems, they're pointless. Here is my list (attempted to put them in order of difficulty), hope i havent missed anything:

1. Johnny's Box Problem - 8b+ (ha ha)
2. Jack the Drunk - 8a+
3. Drink Driving - 8a+
4. Last Malteser - 8a
5. Malteser/Last Orders - 7c+
6. Millenium Party - 7c+
7. Cypriot/Ain't no Party - 7c+
8. Millenium Drive - 7c
9. Cypriot - WB - 7c
10. Jack the Greek - 7c
11. The Malteser - 7c
12. Last Rites Assis - 7c
13. Screwball - 7b+
14. Chris' Link - 7b+
15. Jack's Party - 7b+
16. Millenium Greek - 7b+
17. The Cypriot - 7b+
18. Last Rites - 7b+
19. Whisky Bitch sds - 7b+
20. Ain't No Party sds - 7b+
21. Original Party - 7b
22. Pill Thrill sds - 7b
23. Drive By - 7b
24. Chocolate Wall - 7b
25. Jack Daniels Connection - 7b
26. Les Bos/Last Orders - 7b
27. The Greek sds - 7b
28. Whisky Bitch - 7b
29. Mr Whippy - 7a+
30. Pill Thrill - 7a+
31. Flake 99 - 7a+
32. Ain't no Party Like a Pill Box Party - 7a+
33. Last Orders sds - 7a+
34. Pill Box Original - 7a
35. Where's my Hippo - 7a
36. The Greek - 7a
37. Last Orders - 7a
38. Les Bos - 6c+

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