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Sunday, 27 July 2008

Full Circle and 8c Dreaming

This weekend i went to the orme. I met up with Danny, Liam and Mickey and Tom Newman - a strong team. On friday Tom did Trigger Cut (with my kneebar), he agreed it was 7c+ with the knee. This confirms my thinking on Halfway being 8a for me. Anyway it was greasy on the orme this weekend, hot hot hot. I performed a bit shit on the box truth be told. Danny and Liam crushed Full Circle despite the grease. Danny thought it was no 8b, maybe 8a+, whereas Liam thought 8a was appropriate. Strong bastards!

I was keen to see Micky pull down and i got my wish today on Louis Armstrong, watching him climb one word sprung to mind - mutant! Anyway i had been hatching a plan all week to go on a a bit of a reccy down LPT. I wanted to check out Infanticide, Neil Carsons 8c. Ding Dong came down with me and we checked it out. It was an interesting experience, the climbing at the top was fiddly and unobvious. Anyway i may check it out again sometime. It has a very hard move through the lower rrof too. Long live Neil Carson. After i went up to the cave and had a blast on In Hell, much to my surprise i got into RA- the first time i've done this. Very pleasing. Oh yeah also i got jiggy with it on the orme - another first for me.

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Good dog picture, always welcome.