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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Your Sunday Sermon - Climbing Evolution

In the sport of rock climbing many factors affect performance. It is often the case that a climber will perform a particular feat in his life and never get close to doing it again. Factors such as weight, finger strength, power, power endurance and stamina vary considerably during a climbers career depending on what training or type of climbings he's doing etc... For example once upon a time i used to do a lot of deadhanging and thus had very bony fingers. I used to climb a problem called Basic Knitwear in the school with a weightbelt on, during the last few years of my school career i couldn't even do the moves! Once upon a time during a strange period i got down to ten stone (am 6ft 1!!) and almost crushed Hooligan Start (8a+) at Raven Tor. In 2003 i climbed 30 meters of French 8a. The purpose of this weeks sermon is to illustrate that in your climbing things don't stay the same and you will climb routes/problems/moves that you will never do again. The key is to enjoy those past ticks and moments of glory. At least you've been there. Although you may never get there again there will be many other successes to come. The key to climbing your hardest is persistence, just keep going! Amen.

Something i may never do again- onsight E6, Grezelda Grezelda, Pembroke

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Fiend said...

Wise sermon as always.