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Sunday, 13 July 2008

Weekend shizzle

This weekend i went to the orme. I started seiging Trigger Cut again, although i have done this problem i find it hard and can't repeat it, so instead of deluding myself on Halfway House i'm gonna try and get this done again. I also climbed on the Box and got close again on my proj, feels close now. Today my fingers were a bit stiff so i went down LPT where i met Doyle jnr and Holger. Doyle jnr is trying Melancholie- get it done youth:

Ioan also informed me that he reapated Flashpoint too with the heel in close method. he bummed it.
I haven't done a hard pumpy route for almost a year but i was too tempted not to give Bad Boy a go I was pretty nervous cos i knew what was to come. Anyway i forgot my feet at the start and almost almost fell off the end but i made it. Biggest fight for a while, i felt sick. Out of my 46 ascents of this route this was one of the hardest!
This weekend it cost me 70 quid to fill my car up- whats that all about!!!

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