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Sunday, 20 July 2008

A New Love and a Wedding

On saturday i found myself smitten with a new board known as the Mill. This superbly constructed set of wooden overhangs is now the Welsh equivalent of the famous schoolroom in Sheffield. When i came on board i knew that getting it filled with mint holds was going to be the key so i contacted my old mucker Rich Simpson and he gave me a very good deal on all his old training holds. He gave me a lot of holds but the important thing was that they were lush and varied. Anyway problems are being put up thick and fast by the likes of Nodder and Liam Desroy. On sat i did a couple of beauts including one problem on the 50 that i think could become one of the board classics. My dilemma is although i'm keen to train at this place i only get the weekend to climb outside in Wales and i don't want to neglect my projects.

Jamie on a 7a (Den)

Sat night i went to the evening do at Katzys wedding. Mule and Danny turned up and me a mule ended up being very silly for most of the night. Anyway congrats to Mark, he's a real man now!
The bride and groom (and Pete Chadwick)

The messiah Jesus H Panton

Today i had another lonely but fruitful session on the box. I felt ok despite it being 3rd day on and got to my highpoint again. Realising that this move was going to continue to cause me problems on the link i played around and discovered i could get the last small crimp keeping my feet low. This is key and i now think i should seal the deal soon. Shame i've got a job really!

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