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Sunday, 27 July 2008

Your Sunday Sermon - Aspirations

We should all have aspirations both in rock climbing and in life. Whether it be to get a big house or to become Alan Sugars next apprentice or to crush font 7a it is healthy to aspire. Our aspirations inspire us and encourage us to keep going in a certain field. The majority of rock climbers aspire to climb harder, this is the norm. Young Danny Cattell has made it his life long mission to climb Johnny's problem on the box, this sick collection of frctionless crimps draws the young star to the box time and time again:

Richard Simpson aspired to climb Action Directe when it was but a pipedream, he trained hard and dedicated himself and eventually accomplished his goal.
In climbing i aspire to achieve many things. From 8a bloc to French 8a flash, but the pinnacle would be to complete a power endurance Font 8b and an 8c route, this is a dream that i think is feasible. I reckon i've got ten more years to get these goals in the bag. Anyway aspire away my friends, aim for the stars, who knows you may get there!

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