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Sunday, 13 July 2008

Your Sunday Sermon - The Evils of The Internet!

For this weeks Sermon I would like to highlight one of the evils of modern climbing media –a particular climbing forum known universally as Cocktalk. On this discussion forum many opinionated berks spout daily some of the biggest load of diatribe ever known to man. They speak of things that they have no comprehension of. I mean after the millionth thread about how hard Rhapsody is compared to Indian Face one tends to lose the will to live. And surely there is only so many top roping debates one can have! Anyway fair enough if you don’t like it don’t read it! This was my policy until a thread begun about Flashpoint. On this thread the idiots went to town on the fact that this problem had a glued hold (completely ignoring the fact that it no longer does). Joncozmysteriouslydevegetated came up with this beauty: “entertaining observation about Midnight Lightning. The words, 'I knew Jack Kennedy' came to mind.”
Yes very entertaining Jon, done Midnight have you? Tried my problem have you? Thought not so keep your witty trap shut until you have. I do concede that this forum does have a use, there is some useful information on there. Just less of the bullshit people please!


Jasper said...

"Just less of the bullshit people please!"

No chance of that on there. Too many wankers.

Fiend said...

They need to get Fiend back somehow.