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Monday, 9 March 2009

Broken shoulder

I'm up and running. Broadband at Doylo Manor went live this morning. The leather reclining settee has arrived. All i need now is a good women to get my tea on the table when i come back from the Mill.
I've started venturing back out to the crags and it feels good. I keep falling off broken heart just before the jugs and i don't really know why! Very perplexing, i experimented with the left heel and found that its bomber if you put it on the left of the louey hold and push it back against the roof. This feels very easy for 7c+ now. Good though! The cave is thriving these days with hommes from all over.

Darse did In Life midweek, good to see the young buck again. He runs round the Cave like a headless chicken:

Lincoln did Pit of and Ted took time out from the box to do the Highlife. I even showed Bennett round yesterday. The other day i really hurt my shoulder, don't know how. Its still not right. Instead of stopping climbing i have decided just to avoid moves that will aggravate it. This is not good for my climbing twice a day routine (be like simpson/moon etc..). The deadhanging was cut short by my injury but hopefully i'll be able to resume this week.

Went to Angel Bay with sausage yesteday to try Manchester dogs was in good nick, this is essentially a one move 8a. It fitted Lincoln like a glove and he pissed it, impressive! I feel i will be able to do this too, maybe need to get a bit stronger though. You have to do the nearest 8a to your house! I'm off to the Mill, bye.

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