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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Day of Nearly's

After work this morning i was psyched to climb. So where else to head but the Orme. Usual saturday scene in the Cave, hommes in abundance! I was reluctant and lacking confidence because of my bad shoulder. However it hadn't stopped me too much outside, although i couldn't train there are still moves on rock to be done. I had a good blast on Broken Heart falling off the last move of Clever Beaver - was boxed but happy to get there, low fitness = bad. Jim fell off the end of louey, come on fatty pull yer finger out. I was interested to see how i was going on the box, it had been a while. Luckily with this place the years i have spent climbing here always carry me through even when i'm a bit out of practice. Ted was still trying Drink Driving, being a charitable gent i offered him some beta and he said it helped but was too boxed (pardon the pun). Next time Ted. I have three more links that i would like to complete on the Box, the hardest i believe could weigh in at 8b, ultimate sustained crimping! Big numbers, we will see. I decided to give one of them a blast, Drink Driving starts up a 7a called Pill Box Original. I have done several links starting up the much harder Jack Daniels Connection (very hard 7b) and last year nearly did Drink Driving starting up this, anyway i am pretty keen to finish this off. I wasn't feeling anything special today but on Pill Box muscle memory alone i got through to the crux section. Missing the slap i fell but the crucial thing was i had more in the tank, i pulled back on and i had more strength in me. So i'll probably try this again before i go to Spain next Monday and hopefully it'll turn out not to be a freak day this time.

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