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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Sams Finish

A year or two ago that dirty bastard Sam Cattell did a right hand finish to Clever Beaver, at the time we just regarded it as a bit of fun but i showed it too Nodder a month or two ago and he said it looked dead good.He was right it is dead good. Observe the pics of Holger and Bennett:

I finished it off today and managed Nodders 7c low start too, dead good! Bennett fucked up his skin on it, a good start to a four day trip - punt! Never before have i seen such amatuerism! Funny though.
Mcclure turned up, he informed me he had just done the barrel reverse into the groove. this is Katz 8a link from year ago and a 2nd acent i think. Pete might have done it recently though - dunno! I asked Steve about liquid and he said to him it was just a power problem. He's had one day on it.

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