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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Spain 2

Its still wet here but yesterday i completed my trip project: Le Cara Que No Miente. For me this is one of the most fun routes i have ever done. Burly moves off amazing pockets, tufas and undercuts and culminating in a really fun redpoint crux dyno to a bucket. When i did it the top run out slab was damp so i had to dry out the footholds with chalk which made it more memorable. It gets 8a+ but probably would be 8a in Britain. Whatever i really enjoyed it, nice to be back in the 8´s. Hopefully i can get another one done if the weather picks up a bit. I have never seen so many brits out here. Lucy C has been trying an 8b+ 40 metre route on El Pati (this is the sector with La Rambla). I´m sure she would have done it if it hadn´t been for the weather. Stam lord! I tried Mr Cheki 8b+ the other day too. Not for me though, very fingery and old skool. Makes Darwin Dixit look like an 8a+. Simpson has been ticking along enjoying himself. He did Tic i Toc again (hard 8a+), 2nd go was nothing to him. I will post some pics and maybe some footage when i get home.

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