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Monday, 16 March 2009

You must be bastard 'kidding' me!

I pulled up next to Treat me like a Person (6a+) route on Pen Trwyn today when a fucking goat knocked a stone from above and it totally cracked my windscreen. Little shit. I stopped the car then a second later down it came. Fucks sake.
Anyway i've been doing some easier routes with The Cypriot. I say easy but my route finding skills have got so rusty that i'm cocking them all up. I mean when your doing a V4 move on a F6a you know somethings to cock. Bouldered in Cave and on the Box also today. Nearly did Mules right hand finish to Clever Beaver, Sams Finish 7b+, very good and worthwhile. Here's Nodder

Also had a good burn on Jack the Drunk and repeated Last Rites.


Greg Chapman said...

On the up side, at least it was your car and not mine.

Doylo said...

My cars still nicer than yours though even with a fucked windscreen!