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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Devon Rampage!

Me and mule set off to devon on friday night for a bit of a jolly. We were keen to do some climbing and sample the nightlife; First port of call was Upton near Bude. We were keen to check out a problem called Wet Bootie 7c. This looked well good. After initially walking past it,dismissing it and walking for a further 30 minutes it dawned on us that it was Wet Bootie- a bit smaller than we had envisaged. Anyway it turned out to climb quite nicely and the holds were pleasant. Mule dispatched but i couldn't quite link the moves not being very good on a beachball-type sloper! We thought 7b/7b+ was fair:

Then we headed to Hartland Quay to check out Ache Ball, originally graded 8a until James and Keith went and downgraded it to 7c. I quickly got to the last move with the aid of a kneebar and mule couldn't use the original heel so he did it in two moves without the crimp. I didn't quite manage the last move but 7c felt fair for this.

Mule pottered around on a right hand start to Carnage and then we buggered off to Barnstaple to get some food and check out the nightlife. To cut a long story short we met up with Ami (who i'd met in Chester two weeks ago) and we all went to Bideford to a nightclub called Ceasars. Very interesting place with a DJ with peculiar tastes. He played that Babybell song at one point- bizarre! Anyway Mule got bladdered like he does and i hung out with Ami all night (amazing girl!) At the end of the night we jumped in the Almera and set off home at 3.30 am. I lasted till about 5.30 then needed to sleep so pulled into the services. very good few days!

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