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Thursday, 1 May 2008

A- team hits the Gop

Gave the North Wales A- Team (Floppy, Nodder, and Hock) the tour of the Gop today. It appeared to be slightly gopping when we arrive but it was nothing that a bit of chalk and enthusiasm couldn't sort. I wasn't sure how the crag would hold up to this onslaught, all are strong climbers although very different so anything could happen!Hock had a bit of an injury (he'd also had 14 days on!) but Dave and Chris soon got started on Push the Button. After playing around on different sequences for the end they eventually listened to me and used my sequence. Then it was time for the first move, Chris was close but didn't quite manage it. Then they got started on blokesmoker low, unrepeated since the foothold went. Nodder got physced, pissing the first move with a right toehook. Chris also got keen and so did Hock who couln't resist any longer. I've never tried this cos i've always seen danny struggle on it, but i thought i'd have a go. After a few goes i was almost as close to the jug as those boys, quite surprising. It seems my extra length helped me out. I spent the rest of the sesh trying Push the Bloke, a straight up problem between Push the Button and Smoke a Bloke, uses holds on both problems, really cool and only one move that i can't quite do. Well physced. Anyway Chris did Smoke a bloke 7b+ to finish off, confirming what we all knew- its nails! And that was that, i reckon those boys will be back there after they've cut down on the pies. I went to my old mans crag and did two very nice new 6c+s. Soundies!

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