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Saturday, 17 May 2008

Your Sunday Sermon - PHYSCHE!

Physche is one of the mysteries of modern rock climbing. It comes and goes like the proverbial wind- fluctuations in physche can be one of the most frustrating aspects of rock climbing. Physche can be realated to obvious factors such as performance (it stands to reason that a man at the top of his game will able to retain physche more easily). However it is not uncommon for a dip in physche to occur at random intervals in the climbers year. For example the Reverend Doyle himself, was crusing along enjoying his climbing, getting ticks then suddenly it was gone! The will to try had evaporated! The important thing to remember is that it comes back, it always comes back. Maybe your jaded and just need a change of scene. Do not question yourself and get frustrated at your lack of enthusisam for the sport you know you love. It is in fact healthy to have a downturn in physche maybe twice a year. A man who is physced as a ric waller in a cake shop for the whole year is asking for trouble. The body cannot keep up with this pace and it is easy to get injured. As a rock climber gets older physche is one of the things that slowly starts to ebb away. Of course most climbers still have a deep love for the sport but that omnipresent feeling of living for climbing no longer becomes realistic as external factors such as work and relationships require more of a climbers time and emotional investment. The improtant thing to remember is that we're in the best game in the world, such a diverse sport with so many avenues to explore. Keep the faith my children.
One of the most physched men on gods earth - Mr David Graham:

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Ghostface said...

I think we're reading from the same scroll at the moment. And you're right, it's not healthy to invest 1000% energy into climbing. Just as you go to sleep to reset your body, you need to go look at some art, read a book, bum a horse to come back revived for our holy sport.

A seminal sermon if ever there was one.