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Sunday, 4 May 2008

Your Sunday Sermon - The Art of Crushing

My apologies for the lateness of todays sermon. I have been out for two days carrying out Gods good work (ahem!).
Todays sermon is on the art of crushing - a very important part of rock climbing. A few times a year when the time is right it is necessary for a rock climber to crush. By crushing i mean dispatching or kicking the shit out of a certain boulder problem or sport route (crushing does not apply to trad). One day a rock climber may turn up at the crag to find something magic in the air, everything seems a little easier, there is an atmosphere that the rock climber has not experienced before, and this is when the climber crushes. Crsuhing only occurs a few times a year, if it occured any more than this then it would not hold such special resonance. The feeling of crushing a long term project or ones hardest problem or route is pure ectasy. It is like an orgasm that doesn't end for sometimes even days. Any sexual experience one has had will pale into insignificance compared to these moments. They are very special when they come around and they must be treasured. Sometimes there is a moment in a rock climbers life when the time is right to crush a certain project and one day either side just won't do it. This happened to me on a rock climb called Melancholie. I believe if i hadn't crushed that go i may never have done it. So my children when you know the time is right when your out a the crag and all is perfect go forth and crush!
A man who has mastered the art of crushing - Mr Keith Bradbury:


James said...

I think its all a state of mind. true there are occasions when one truly depsatches at one's limit; but i think that self belief plays a massive part, and keithinator has this in abundance.

Chris Doyle said...

good point James. Self belief is important. I still believe though when the true magic happens there is something special in the air!

James said...