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Saturday, 10 May 2008

Your Sunday Sermon - The Rich Tapestry of Life

On a certain car journey with my old king a few years ago he gave me a few sharp warnings. At the time i was obsessed with rock climbing to the point that it was all i did and all i wanted to do. My old king being a wise old owl spotted that this was an unhealthy situation for a young man to be in. To have all ones eggs in one basket is a dangerous game. It is essential that human beings must have more than one interest. For example in the game of rock climbing what happens if injury occurs and the bloke in question can no longer pull down. This leaves a void in his life. The inhability to fill this void could leave to many problems. That is why to be part of life's rich tapestry we must diversify and spread our wings and engage in more than one activity. We all know that climbing rock's is the greatest activity a man can partake in. Howvever there are many other worthwile pursuits in life. For example women are beautiful creatures and deserve out time and effort. Whatever it may be (snooker, football, sex, politics, philosophy etc...) find the things that you enjoy doing and your life will be a lot more richer for it. Amen.
Oh yeah an i'm 26 today- get in!

1 comment:

lore said...

hey happy birthday!!!
damn youngsters. no wonder i got beaten climbing with you in the cave, i was the oldest by ages...