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Friday, 16 May 2008


Today i met the man of my dreams. Down in Lancaster all the schoolkids were in the centre after finishing school and thus were getting there shirts signed etc... There were many young schoolgirls wearing very short skirts and stockings! Me an Pete were casually observing when a certain gradfather came up to us. Neither of us was prepared for what would transpire in the next ten minutes. The stuff he was realing off was so sick i couldn't believe my ears - i was soon in stiches. What a dirty old bastard! here he is:

Very attractive i'm sure you'll agree.
Climbing wise it was a another nothin week. I really can't b arsed at the moment. not to worry though, This has happened a lot to me in the past and i always bounce back. I tried Transgenic with Sausage then on Thursday went to woodwell with Tomo an co. Just gotta keep things ticking over. Some more Lancaster shots:

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