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Saturday, 10 May 2008


On wednesday it was my pleasure to witness the man, the myth, the legend, Johnny "G" G. This was one of the greatest moments of my life to see G this close up and to be introduced to him. He was everything i expected humourous, modest and humble. He let it slip that he had been doing some rock climbing. Among other things he has reversed Anathesia to give a probable 8b+ bloc. He was lookin trim, check the pics:

I was at Warton with Greg, Ray Wood, Panton and Nodder. Here's nodder on a 7c:

I climbed twice this week, one time at woodwell trying nice one dave (tricky bloc) and second time at Warton. Best thing i did was Black Light stand up (7a+) very nice. As for work well it was grim, those men in the prison are incarcerated because they have done bad things. It was strange to see them in there.

We also checked out the Lancaster nightlife, quite good, i got a number on the first night so was a good start!

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