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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The Den

The Denbigh Den is a magnificent place. Its so damn hardcore if you neglect it for even a short amount of time it'll kick your ass when you go back. Well this is what happened to me yesterday - very demoralising. It appears my fingers are still quite weak. The den isn't the steepest of beasts so weak fingers are soon crulely exposed. Check out the vid i made. Includes Danny making the second ascent of the Green problem 7c/+.

Later on i got my arse pummeld at snooker but the day was salvaged cos i went to visit Laura and she made me a cracking mushroom risotto. Hmmm.


bonjoy said...

Pullin' the beak, pullin' the beak, pullin the beak....

Ghostface said...

How the fuck did you know that I'm the third!? It's true - my father is called Thomas and as was his father.

The Den humbles weak-fingered punters. Dismiss her at your peril!