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Monday, 31 March 2008

From Dismay To Joy

Today was great. Katzy picked up and we headed to the Cave. After nailing a new move with nodders beta, the heel move on Pilgrim (couldn’t do the last move) I was pretty chuffed. Felt stronger on Trigger too which was good. Went to the box where I completely surprised myself. I had decided the other night to go for the full pill box link up, starting up jack Daniels and finishing up Last Orders. I thought this was a mile off. However first go I got through DD fell off with the undercut in my hand (don’t know why – surprise). After I did Last Orders while still boxed and it felt fine. So maybe it’s on. I’m physched out my tiny mind anyway. This was the best I’ve felt on the box for six years – a great feeling. Katz, Hock and Nodder were there so it was good to perform in front of these beasts too. Hock was a bit short for the box and Nodder was a bit stoned so I didn’t get a true appraisal of my problems. Katzy staying at mine tonight so I might bum him!

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