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Sunday, 23 March 2008

Executive Decision

Today i made one. Felt strong in the cave, held the crux move 4/5 times but fell off reaching out to the sidepull and the jug flake. Progress- i'm getting stronger on that bastard pinch! Usual crew in there, Ian, Jamie, Tommy and even a few old faces turned up, Mr Schelmerdine and Katzy were there again. Anyway at the end of the sesh i had a do on Pit of Hell, got to the crux of Rockatrocity and then had an epiphany. This felt hard and i lacked the fitness so maybe i should do In Life rather than In Hell! Although more tricky and technical i think this is preferable to the basic brutality of RA - especially after doing a burly Font 8a! So all i need to do now is get my magic Cave Life boot out, get that toe hook wired again and Bob will be your Uncle and Fanny your Aunt. Of course i still need to get to the RA jug on In Life but i now feel this is a matter of time. After went to the Box with Jamie to test my finger strength. Wasn't too bad did Whisky Bitch and Drink driving in two halfs. Got to the crux from the start but lacked the fitness. Want to do this again so i can link it into Last Orders at the end and claim my place as King of the Box (sorry Jonny!). Pic here of beast Liam Desroy on the In Hell start (he's done In Hell - beast):

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