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Friday, 28 March 2008

Go Mule

Well i'm sitting at home tossing it off (not literally!) waiting for my brakes to get sorted on me car. Have been driving round in a flippin death trap! Got a message off 2nd Biggest Dick informing me that Worlds Biggest (Mule) has just done the 3rd ascent of his magnificent problem in the cave In Life 8a+. This involves a Font 8a to a shit rest and then a Font 7c to finish. However Mule uses a coin for his righthand making the second section at least font 7c+ and hence making the overall grade harder. The way mule does In Life is much harder and considering In Life is a hard 8a+ anyway, well.... you do the math. Whatever he's a fuckin arsehole for using a duff sequence. Pic of Me on In Life below:

Pic of the dirty bastard (he's on the left, thats another dirty bastard on the right) auditioning for Queer as Folk new series

Its good to see that dirty bastard ticking hard problems after so many years of injuries, two 8a+ in a week! Not bloody bad at all. Young buck Danny began his comeback by lapping Trigger Cut!. Back to the drawing board Doylo!

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