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Saturday, 15 March 2008

Whats been going down?

Well i might aswell give a quick rundown on the last few weeks. Well i've not been doing any rope access shenanigans so have been rock climbing (am bloody knackered now). Here's a brief summary of whats been going down. Well i found this project - really cool, will go an try it when its dry:

Also was shown a cool crag x by Cattells near their place, "hard projects, i'll be right there!"

Climbing wise have been trying In Hell in the Cave for the 3rd year running, still not burly enough to link the start (8a on its own) but feel like a seige might be on the cards. Would be a happy man if i could get to that jug i really would, of course i'd have to do Rockatrocity after that but thats just a matter of time and redpointing. Had a cracking day at the mwyn yesterday, did the second half of my proj there , long fucker! Pic here of Neil J Inspector Mawson on Under the Bridge (7b+)

Apart from that i beat my old adversary the donkey at snooker 6-3 and have been wining and dining a very nice young lady (more on this another time)

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