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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Sacked off, for now.......

Crackin day on t'orme today. Katzy was back doing more Big link linkage and he brought my old pal Kev Avery along with him. Jimmy Big Guns turned up too. Anyway after a few goes of In Life i made the decision to leave it till i'm a bit stronger and my palm has healed up. I hit the pinch a couple of times but the link is so fuckin hard for me. Anyway went back to Halfway House, start feels ok now but as i suspected i can't do Trigger again so thats that for the meantime. Finished off in the Cave with a familiar seige of the hard bit on Pilgrim, and low and behold after all these years i think i might have found a sequence that will work (with a bit of strength and persistence). So will try this next time. Katzy said i love the seiging process and he's right i do. I would hate to be Daniel Woods, climbing every problem in a few days (yeah right!). Went to the box and did WB and Jack Daniels (static)- prob the most satisfying moment of the day!

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