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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Be Ruthless

You have to be at the mwyn. Me, Dan, Mule dog and Katzy went down to check out the conditions today and have a sesh.Katz was resting for the cave. Danny repeated Mules awesome Yellow Finish confirming the grade at hard 7c+. He also repeated Gasoline Direct with an easier sequence, 7b now. Was hard the way Mick did it though. I used the same sequence to climb into Firestarter at 7a+:

I also fumbled the last move of Be Ruthless cos i thought i was gonna do it and was shocked, this is a real bogey problem for me so will be going back! The mwyn is so god damn powerful it really is. Still can't even do sparks from a stand up. mule had a good burn on his proj, well impressive. Quote of the day came from Katz: "Sort your barnet out and crush the fucker!". Genius i couldn't have said it better myself!

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