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Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Crushed undecut move and worked out how to climb into it. Did slap on East Coker. Slapped jug on RA from In Life. Got into Trigger from Halfway House. And then i was tired. So many projects... I love to climb.


lore said...

damn doylo,
you're packing in a whole lot of climbing, don't you.
i'm envious about that and about the cave.

Chris Doyle said...

yes nibs you are right to be jealous, the cave is a magnificent place, so much to do. Come back my friend....

Ghostface said...

The cave needs you Lore. Come over in Summer. Plus, I have my savings for Italy.

lore said...

i'm again deep into a work-opportunities turmoil, and don't know where it will lead, but the cave is always on my mind.

i hope your savings for italy are under the form of steel fingers and big guns.
i'll trow you at all the hardest we have.