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Friday, 25 April 2008


8b is so very hard however it is my belief that most 8a/+ punters have an 8b with their name on it. I always thought mine was In Heaven in the cave til the new beta was found and Pete did it. So since that moment my mind has been wondering about other potential 8b ticks. It has to be long preferably 20 moves and it has to be near home. Well i think i have found a perfect candidate. I think the linkage of Jack The Drunk into Last Rites would constitute an 8b power endurance rock climb and so now this is my long term goal. One thing is for sure, i will need to go up another level to achieve this.
Yesterday i was out with Muley and Monolith. We headed to the Gop where i once again understood the meaning of the word hardcore. This place is just that. Still not close to Push the Button first move. Tried some other projects which were hard and involved shitty holds in a roof with shitty feet. The crag even made the Mule feel weak and he repeated Push the Button!!! Anyway i'm not going back till my finger strength and body tension has increased. We went the Cave where we all did a bit. I tried In Hell again tickled the jug on RA again (frustrating) then later did RA. Went to the box to try the sitter to Last Rites. After working it out i dropped the last move twice- very good!

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Ghostface said...

Do it dawg, just do it! Nice project to have close to home too.

"Do you know there's 2 goats on that cliff edge!? 2 mountain goats! What should we do!?"

Jesus Christ....