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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Full Mwyn

went down the mwyn today with si panton, dyer and mule and danny. Met Holger the German when i got there who informed me he had done the full mwyn traverse from the sit start of Thug mentality right to the end of firestarter, a great achievement rating a pumpy 8a, especially now Mental Extension has got harder due to broken holds. i got warm and did 3 7a+s, firestarter with left finish, right hand problem into firestarter with left finish and Gasoline stand. Almost did gasoline from the sit too. dan repeated Mules under pressure/be ruthless link with a slightly easier sequence. In fact he did it twice so it looks like its 8a now. ding dong was trying various things and panton got a few ticks. Much banter was had about mules grading which was fun. Mule tried to get going but cut his finger, not his day. Wen to show Dyer and Panton the gop, they were suitably impressed. Me an Dan had a quick sesh, he tried to reclimb blokesmoker low now the foots gone, looks like its 8a+. I tried Push the button again, did the second move with a new hold (YES) but no joy on the first move yet. I can do it though and its great. Meeting a pretty air hostess tomorrow. Its a hard life!

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