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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Your Sunday Sermon - Persistence = Winners

Happy sunday to you all. This weeks sermon is based on a little mantra i have, persistence = winners. I believe that in life and in rock climbing a man must have the attitude that giving up is a failure. In the case of rock climbing there is never a need to give up. Ok having a break from a particular problem or route is fine, this is essential in some cases but total capitulation is never necessary. A good seige puts hairs on your chest (ok 2 in my case). I believe a man will never get the most out of his rock climbing until he has engaged in a protracted seige. My longest seige took place on a little piece of rock known as Drink Driving, situated on the Pill Box Wall of the Marine Drive this problem took me to hell and back. I went through some dark days when i could barely string two moves together. However i kept goin back and eventually cracked the fucker. That experience taught me a lot. I know now that within reason i can climb anything if i really want too, it is simply a matter of time and effort.

When a girl (like they do) dumps you or starts ignoring you do not be downbeat. The old saying is true, there are plenty more fish in the sea. Persist and you will emerge victorious, it is ineveitable, get back on the horse and keep riding. Those with a dream must persist. You never know whats around the corner. So go forth into the world my children and take with you the lesson you have learned today. Amen

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