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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Another lonely day on the Box.

Wasn't sure whether to climb today as i've had 3 days on. Skin was hurting a bit and my muscles ached so i headed to the orme! Hock, Ian and Chris Davies were in the cave so i did a bit. Kinda did Trigger (had a bit of a power spot if i'm honest) so thats good for HH. After a bit of banter and watching the big guns i exited stage left to the box for another lonely session. Yesterday i did the last move of Last Rites Assis 3 times but was two powered out to get the last hold. Anyway today i crushed first go, think its cos i had no spotter and got scared. Gonna do it from Malteser next, very excited about this link, will be ace, no easy moves!

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