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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Ding Dong crushes the fuck out of Directors and keeps going!

Yeah its true, that mild mannered labouring man has crushed Directors. And then he had the audacity to keep on goin up bloody upper cut. This is 8b+ and an outstanding achievement. He said this was his desert island problem and he was right. Watching him on it reminded me of when i saw Zangeryl on Never Ending Story at the magic grades. He even takes the swing on Halfway like a true man should, with consummate ease- incredible.

Yesterday i went to the mountains with Hock Jack and Ian. After watching them in the pit, we went to the Pen where it was too hot n greasy. I was shit too. Hock has just done an 8a variant on Jerry's Problem and has a really sick looking project to the left which will be mega hard if he does it.
Jerrys left:


Ghostface said...

Does that project involve tiny tiny crimps perchance? If so, I've tried it. Someone told me it was one of Huffy's problems or something. Probably just being spouted poo.

Anyway, what a fucking effort by Neil.

Chris Doyle said...

yeah it does, huffys problem is something different though. The proj is probably 8a+

lore said...

are possibilities in the cave endless?
is my envy going to stop?

Chris Doyle said...

yes they are basically endless. The visual line of the cave is still unclimbed in fact.....