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Friday, 18 April 2008


hello i'm going to start by clarifying what i meant when i said i haven't climbed 8a bloc cos people seem to be confused. The 8a problems that i have done are all at least 20 moves. True bouldering is about short, hard and nasty moves. I haven't yet accomplished an 8a of this style. This is what i want to do. Thinking about it Halfway House isn't one if these (ten moves) but Push the Button is- and its soft and its close to my house so no more excuses.
Went the Cave today with the dog. just to prove that i'm better looking heres a pic:

Ended up trying Halfway and did Tommy's problem Lip Service 7a+ which i've always thought was a bit nasty until today when i found a nicer foot sequence. Want to do this from the low start now. Its nice to try something a bit easier for a change. helps you get fit too. Ding Dong tickled the shothole a few times on Director's- he'll do it soon. What a fuckin machine he is! Anyway its everyones favourite time on the blog- LAD SHOTS!:

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