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Thursday, 17 April 2008

Your Sunday Sermon-Heroes

We all need them and most of us have them. Heroes are very important people. They are role models to the rest of us. They teach us how to behave and present ourselves and most importantly they inspire us. Being a rock climbing enthusiast most of my heroes are rock climbers. Below are some men who hopefully should inspire us all.

Johnny- the ultimate hero. What this man has pulled on should inspire us all. Coins on overhangs are his speciality but never pidegeon hole this man- he can turn his hand to all aspects of rock climbing. Sent by the lord himself to put up the hardest boulder problems on earth and to execute the hardest moves. Anyman who spends 100 days on something as rubbish as Il Pirata must be respected. He climbs things for one reason - because they inspire him.

Sharma- Only the sexiest man in the world. The moffatt of his generation. Sharma steps in at the right time and makes landmark ascents. His legacy is secure.

Graham - A one man ticking machine. Probably not the strongest cat out there these days (landman, woods, robinson could all well have more in the tank). Graham has been travelling the globe since about 2001 and his ticklist takes some beating. A man who shuns the rest day, he lives to climb.

Moon and Moffatt - These two were the main players in the early 90s and pushed standards up with landmark ascents and proper grades. Very sexual creatures. Moonys still goin strong now!

Simpson- Showed what could be achieved with olympic style training and the will to succeed. This man proved that hard work does pay off. Incredibly powerful.

Liam and mickey- two less known faces but i find the attitude of these two youngsters quite inspiring. When i saw liam crush Clyde then take 8a for it i was impressed. Mickey shuns the limelight even though he has become the first British man to achieve 8b+ in the forest of Fontainbleau- a marvellous achievement.


Ghostface said...

It was as good as you said it'd be!

Nigel said...

As you well know Christopher, we are cut from the same cloth. These are the heroes of all time, no question.

I too love Liam and Mickey because I know dick all about them except that they are beasts. Do it for the love!

Chris Doyle said...

Yes Nigella we are. Great minds do indeed think alike. Did you see that Liam did Earls bloodsports at Shafote and downgraded it! I'm sure you did. Ciao my friend.

pascal said...

Why did you not see fit to include Koyomada? Is it because you're a racist bastard?

Chris Doyle said...